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The unit of high degree of automation, high production efficiency, enabling users to cost-effective recovery of large diameter...


Mainly applicable to all kinds of plastic pipe and profile, for longer pipe, profile does not need section, can be a one-time continuous feeding.


The series of production lines by the two sets of extruder composed of the main body, with a particularly reasonable design, used in the recovery...


The production line with a high degree of automation, clean cleaning, high recovery rate


The melting process of the material is optimized to increase the extrusion yield; the material melt is extruded at a lower temperature


Paper mill waste shredder
Paper mill waste shr…
Fiber wire shredder
Fiber wire shredder
Single shaft shredding broken one machine
Single shaft shreddi…
Livestock shredder
Livestock shredder
XB-F series four-axis shredder
XB-F series four-axi…
Steel Pipe Skeleton Composite Pipe Shredding and Dividing System
Steel Pipe Skeleton …
PP, PE plastic cleaning line
PP, PE plastic clean…


    Xinbei Machinery - the leading international recycling equipment manufacturers, is a commitment to recycling machinery research and development, manufacturing and sales as one of the technological innovation enterprises. Company to the leading technical level, and improve after-sales service, high-quality product quality to win customers at home and abroad unanimously approved, with 10 million yuan in fixed assets and sophisticated equipment, is committed to providing customers with first-class ...
Xinbei mechanical recycling equipment

Xinbei mechanical recycling equi…

Solid waste treatment is the industrial... [MORE]
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